Future Prophets

About the exhibition: Future Prophets visited Deer Park West Primary School in 2021. With alien curiosity, they explored the local sights, sounds and human behaviours. They learnt how to play music, listen and dance in this world. These creatures also developed their own versions of schoolyard games played by human students. They now share their discoveries, creations and video works in this exhibition at The Hunt Club.

Note: The exhibition has been extended. Currently on until further notice!

Compilation video (on display in the exhibition):

Compilation including Procession, Games and Animations (17min total)
Animations with images, masks and sounds by students.
Grade 1 students also spent some time with Groovy G, exploring the theme of ‘sound and light’. They made kazoos and then made sounds for this animation.
Future Prophets scouting the Deer Park Hunt Club
Drawings by Sakool, animation by Groovy G
Thumbs Up: 1 Sione, 10 thumbs and 2 deer
Unexpected visitors at assembly on Monday morning

The Oracle must be fed:

A few stylefree tutorials from Groovy G:

Masks and hot glue
Stylefree Recorders, ideas for sound installation
Tour of the exhibition space

All these videos can also be found on Stylefree TV YouTube.

Groovy G gives a giant umbrella thanks to: all students at DPWPS, Ms North, Ms Beheshti, Mrs King, Ms Kiely and all the staff; visiting artist Peter Fraser; Priya Namana, Alex Walker, and all staff and Creative Workers at Regional Arts Victoria.

This project was part of The Creative Workers in Schools Program, delivered by Regional Arts Victoria (RAV), in partnership with the Department of Education and Training, and Creative Victoria, through the support of the Victorian Government’s Working for Victoria Initiative.